You’ve just got off the plane in Auckland, New Zealand. Hooray! You are finally here!

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You might think that you need to spend a few nights or a week in Auckland and buy a vehicle, organise a bank account and start looking for work?


You are wasting time and wasting money (when you could be earning it).


We can help you get everything you need in as little as 3 days. It could take you a week or more without our help.

Follow our 4 step process.

Step #1 Don’t Buy A Car In Auckland, Hop On A Bus And Get To Te Puke

Hop on a bus and come straight down to Kiwi Corral in Te Puke, New Zealand.

2 reasons why Te Puke is the best place for you to go

  1. Jobs
    • Did you know that Te Puke is one of NZ’s biggest employers of seasonal workers?
    • This region is famous for Kiwifruit, and the Kiwifruit industry alone is forecast to grow by 20% per year over next 4 years
    • That’s 25,000 jobs in the main season, with 12,000 working holiday visas available for this region in horticulture
  2. Visa Extension
    • Did you know that working for 12 weeks in the horticulture industry can give you a 3 month extension on your Visa?
    • This is because we have had a labour shortage of workers in the horticulture for 20 years, and the NZ government put this incentive in place to encourage you to fill these roles

3 ways to get to Te Puke

  1. Bus
    • Buses leave Auckland CBD at 7.50am, 9.30am and 12.45pm every day and cost NZ$40 – NZ$70 per person
    • The trip is 250km and takes 5 – 6 hours on a bus
  2. Car
    • If you do need a car, we can help you buy one here in Te Puke.
    • If you must buy a car in Auckland, ensure you get a mechanical check (with the Automobile Association) and be sure you request a “head gasket check” because many times, we’ve seen these failures waste a lot of our guests hard-earned money with NZ$2000 repair jobs. 
    • If you purchase a car in Te Puke, we can do a head gasket test right here at Kiwi Corral
  3. Fly
    • There are about 5 direct flights from Auckland Domestic Airport to Tauranga every day
    • Flights cost between NZ$75 to NZ$250 per person depending on availability
    • From Tauranga to Te Puke there are buses 4 times a day to Te Puke

Once you are here with us at Kiwi Corral, we’ll find you a room, you can unpack your gear, and then we can help you with the next steps.

Step #2 Open A Bank Account

The next thing we’ll get sorted is your bank account.

This is very hard to do in Auckland because the bank wants to know your physical address. They are not happy you filling in this section with temporary accommodation.

That’s why moving in with us first is the first thing to do.

We’ll provide you with an official letter to prove you are staying here with us.


Step #3. Get An IRD Number

The next thing to get sorted is your IRD number from the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department (IRD).

Most people don’t know that the fastest way to get this done is in person at a branch of the AA (Automobile Association of New Zealand), right here in Te Puke.

Te Puke AA can issue you with an IRD number as fast as 3 days.

Don’t do it online or via the NZ Post Office. They can take 10 – 20 days and they lose records sometimes. Whereas the AA is reliable and fast.

If you don’t have your own transport to get to Te Puke township for your bank account and visit to AA for your IRD number, don’t worry, one of the team should be able to drive you there.


Step #4. Get A Job & Start Working As Soon As Possible

Next, let’s get you working.

We know all the nearby employers, and they come to us for workers. We’d love to match your skills with their needs.

Most people don’t know that once your IRD number is processing, you can start work in an orchard the next day.

For the majority of pack-house work, you’ll have to wait for your IRD number before starting, but you can still apply for the job, so then you can do your induction and start working as soon as your IRD number comes through.

3 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Looking For Seasonal Work

  1. Working for an employer that is operating illegally
    • To reduce costs, some unethical employers may cut corners on health and safety, or paperwork, or working conditions
    • Working for them puts you at risk of not getting paid, being fined, or even being kicked out of the country
    • We only work with legitimate employers
  2. Working for less than minimum wage
    • It is common for orchard work to be on contract rates, but never work for less than minimum wage which is $16.50 per hour (+ 8% holiday pay)
    • We never pass on jobs below minimum wage
  3. Not knowing who you are actually working for
    • There is a dizzying number of contractors and sub-contractors operating in this industry
    • Ensure you know who you are working for and ensure they have a good reputation
    • We only work with employers with excellent reputations


Don’t waste your time in Auckland, get down to Kiwi Corral in Te Puke, New Zealand as soon as you can.

Once we have your room sorted here at Kiwi Corral, we’ll help you get a bank account, get an IRD number, buy a car if you need it, and find your first job.

All within a few days.

Sound good?