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Q: Can you help me find a backpacker job during my working holiday in New Zealand?
Q: How do I get paid for my backpacking job during my working holiday in New Zealand?

When you are working during your working holiday, the money you earn will go straight into your New Zealand bank account. We can help you set up a NZ bank account if you haven’t already.

Q: What time of the year do you have the most backpacking jobs for my working holiday in New Zealand?

Here in the Te Puke area, the best time for a NZ working holiday is in the main Kiwifruit season which is March to June every year, for picking and packing Kiwifruit.

We are often at capacity in these months, so start planning your working holiday now and book in with us.

There are also jobs in the horticulture industry all year round:

  • March – June: main kiwifruit season – 1000’s of picking and packing jobs available
  • July – Sep: repacking & winter pruning jobs available, minimal packhouse work
  • Oct – Dec: summer pruning jobs available, no packhouse work
  • Jan – Feb: summer pruning jobs available + fruit thinning, no packhouse work
Q: How do I get a NZ bank account and NZ IRD number before I start my working holiday in New Zealand?
Q: I want to avoid the expense of getting my own car, but how would I get to work? How would I get to the supermarket? Is there a bus?

We are outside of Te Puke township and there isn’t a bus service here.

But to get you to work, or the supermarket, we can help you find rides with other guests who are working the same jobs or also getting supplies, groceries or running errands in town.

We also regularly do trips in our van to those locations so we can help.

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